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(i) Main Academic/Engineering Organisations

Energy Efficiency Office
Qualifications Authority
of Electrical Engineers
Awards Ltd
Regional Support Centre
(ii) Engineering web sites (various disciplines)
Quality Assurance:
Assurance Systems
Very Good Quality web site
Exam Solutions Maths Videos
The Mathscentre Maths Videos

Maths for Science
Open University maths
MU120 Maths links  

Maths Animated film
Open University maths
The MathsCentre Mathematics Notes
The MathsCentre Mathematics Video Tutorials{Use option – Open in a new window and Real Player}
The MathsCentre Teach yourself Mathematics
The Mathematics Scholar Maths Revision Lessons
Merlot- Mathematics Merlot – Mathematics & Statistics
The MathsCentre Mathematics Video Tutorials{Use option – Open in a new window and Real Player}
Basic Maths Standard Grade maths
The Circle
Sets, Functions & Calculus
Basic Arithmetic
Engineering Mathematics Notes Aberdeen University
Derive v6 Mathematics Software Mathematics videos
Podcast Maths video – Calculas
Engineering Mathematics 6th Ed.http://www.palgrave.com/stroud/stroud6e/ Ken Stroud
Maths 2 Support Notes Maths 2
http://www.webopedia Online dictionary & search engine for
computer and Internet
http://www.rad.com Networks for beginners
Transmission Media Chapter 4 by William
http://comms.eee.strath.ac.uk Data
Comms & Networks – book J.Irvine & D. Harle
http://floti.bell.ac.uk Fibre Optics
http://www.vts.rdn.ac.uk Internet for Engineering
http://cm.bell-labs.com Claude Shannon book
Data Communications William Stallings web site
Distributed Systems & Networks William Buchanan web site
Computing / Networks
/ IT:
http://www.vts.rdn.ac.uk Internet
for Engineering
http://www.rad.com Networks for beginners
http://www.itpapers.com I.T. white papers
http://www.comdex.com Networks/hardware
white papers
http://www.cs.ucr.edu/esd Embedded System Design
– Book/labs/ppt F.Vahid & T. Givargis
http://www.eng.dmu.ac.uk Prof. Dinu – computer
http://www.techtutorials Technical Computing
http://www.technicalstuff.net C programming, Plant
http://www.webclass.ru Design, graphics,
web building
http://www.webopedia.com On-line encyclopedia
dedicated to computer technology
http://freeonlinebooks.net Free on line books
http://www.thelearningpit.com Engineering
course materials
http://www.plcman.co.uk Programmable Logic
http://www.plcs.net PLCs
http://www.imphotonics.com I.M. Photonics Ltd
– electric motors
http://www.eevl.ac.uk catalogue of engineering
http://www.industrialtext.com PLCs, electric circuits
& motor controls
Various Electrical Layouts
Basic electrical Installation work Full Chapter – very good
Merlot – Engineering Merlot – Engineering
High Voltage Fundamentals  CH 1 – Generation &
Transmission of electric energy
Lessons in Electric Circuits, Vol.I, DC  Full Chapters by
Tony Kuphaldt
in Electric Circuits, Vol.II, AC
 Full Chapters by
Tony Kuphaldt
Lessons Several Chapters by Tony Kuphaldt
Energy Library
Energy Library
Lamp Control Gear Phillips Lighting
AC Circuit Analysis
AC Circuits Overview Universityof Wollongong
Electric motors
Electrical Theory
DC Machines – Powerpoint D.Cruden
Basic Motor Theory Reliance Electric
The Electricain’s Guide IEE regulations
Energy Efficiency of Electrical Installations University of Hong Kong
Electrical – Chapters Thomson Delmar publisher
Electronics – Chapters Thomson Delmar publisher
Alex’s Library Alex’s Electrical
& Electronic Resource Library
http://esdstudent.gcal.ac.uk GCAL Engineering Modules
http://www.pbs.org Early Transistor History
Merlot – Engineering Merlot – Engineering
Electronic Fundamentals – Floyd Electronic Fundamentals, Quizes, etc
Fundamentals of Analogue Circuits – Floyd &Buchla Electronic Fundamentals, Quizes, etc
Electronic Topics Basic Electronics
Resistive Circuits Full Chapter by R.C. Dorf
& J.A.Svoboda
Resistive Circuits Electric Circuit Study
Applets by R.C. Dorf & J.A.Svoboda
Electronic Teaching Assistant Electronic Circuit Design Labs
Ohm’s Law Resistor Colour Code Tutorial
All types of Units
http://focus.ti.com World’s First 90 nm DSP’s
running at 1 GHz – online training demonstration
Arnoldmagnetism  Magnetism
 Magnetic Principles Course Notes
Lessons in Electric Circuit, Vol.III, Semiconductors Full Chapters by Tony Kuphaldt
Lessons in Electric Circuit, Vol.IV, Digital Full Chapters by Tony Kuphaldt
Resistive Network Analysis
AC Power
Circuit Analysis 1
Circuit Analysis 2
Beginners Guide to Digital Electronics
Binary Arithmetic
Electronics – Chapters Thomson Delmar publisher
Electronic Devices (Full book) Prof. Barry Williams
& Electronics
Neil Storey Videos
eFunda Saturated Steam Tables
Spiraxsarco Saturated Steam Tables
Steam Tables
Steam Tables
of Saturated Steam – Tables SI
Entropy Wikipedia Encyclopedia
Entropy and the 2nd law of Thermodynamics  
Power Generation Technologies CH 4 – Gas Turbines & Combined
Cycle Power Plants
Mechanical Plant Systems Wilkipedia Encyclopedia
Study Guides:
http://www.pble.ac.uk Project Based
http://www.studygs.net Study Guides and Strategies
http://www.trainingtools.com Training tools
Misc General:

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http://www.howstuffworks.com Good technical
http://www.trainingtools.com Training tools
http://www.worldwideworker.com  Jobs
http://www.claymore.engineer  Engineer on a disk
http://ecd.eurotraining.net  EuroTraining Courses
Notes – (many disciplines)
Tutorial + Notes
For Ultrasonic Engineering
Books Companion Sets
Sample chapters of books (many disciplines)
M.I.T. M.I.T.website


Education – Directory of UK Schools and educational institutes.
Engineering Directory – Directory listing UK engineering companies.
Home Improvement Companies in Glasgow & Inverclyde.
Web Design Directory – A list of website designers in Scotland.
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