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SVQ Level 3 Engineering Maintenance (Mechanical)


These SVQs are work based qualifications that are suitable for people working in an engineering environment.

What subjects will I study?

Subject studied will include:

• Complying with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements.
• Reading and using engineering drawings and specifications.
• Working efficiently and effectively in engineering.
Other units will be set into a qualification pathway to suit the needs of the student and the employer, as detailed below.

How will I be assessed?

The SVQ is assessed on practical work in the work place and a portfolio of work. It also includes questioning to show an underpinning knowledge of engineering work, and is assessed by a trained assessor coming into your working environment and assessing you on real installations that you are working on.

For apprentices or semi skilled workers this programme/training gives the complete coverage of hands on practical assessments making a competent and highly skilled worker

How long is the course?

The SVQ is work-based and is designed to reflect the skills and knowledge of people who work in the engineering industry. The qualification is taken over 12-24 months depending on each individual.

SVQ Level 3 Engineering Maintenance (Mechanical) SCQF Level 6: GC8Y 23

Engineering Maintenance (Mechanical)

Mandatory: ALL Assessment Routes must be completed:
SENM3/001 Complying with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements
SENM3/002 Using engineering drawings and documents in maintenance activities
SENM3/003 Working efficiently and effectively in engineering
SENM3/004 Handing over and confirming completion of maintenance activities

Optional: BOTH of the following must be completed:
SENM3/005 Carrying out fault diagnosis on mechanical equipment
SENM3/006 Maintaining mechanical equipment

Plus two more from the following:
SENM3/007Restoring mechanical components to usable condition by repair
SENM3/008 Producing replacement components for maintenance activities
SENM3/009 Carrying out preventative planned maintenance on mechanical equipment
SENM3/010 Carrying out condition monitoring of plant and equipment
SENM3/080 Assisting in the installation of mechanical equipment